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Rates are subject to change. All amounts are listed in US Dollars.

Tuition Rates

Undergraduate Tuition $448 per credit hour
Graduate (Master-Level) Tuition Domestic Student $554 per credit hour
Graduate (Master-Level) Tuition International Student $896 per credit hour
Graduate (Doctoral-Level) Tuition $1,397 per credit hour

Room and Board

Standard Room Charge $4,200 per semester/session
Standard Meal Plan (not available in summer session) $1,980 per semester

The chart does not include the cost for single rooms as there are limited number of single rooms available and maybe charged at a premium. Must have approval from the Office of Residence Life.

Meal plans are required for those living on-campus. The minimum required plan is listed in the chart, however there are optional plans that would increase the price of the meal plan.


Other Fees

Late Payment Fee $100
Late Installment Fee $100
Returned Check Fee $30
Graduation Fee $100
Sam License & Certification Program $75
Transcript Order Fee per Copy Requested $7.50*

The Late Payment Fee is assessed if the student has not secured their class schedule by making financial arrangements with the College’s Business Office by the established payment due dates (Fall – August 15, Spring – January 15, Summer – May 15).

*Does not include servicer fees charged by the National Student Clearinghouse



As a member of our bolt family, we provide the following perks with no fees!

  • Parking
  • Registration
  • Installment Plans
  • Application fees*
  • Fitness Center

*Students enrolled in the MACP graduate program will pay a fee of $80 up front to apply. A non-refundable credit of $80 will be placed on their account to apply towards a balance.

Committed to Affordability.

Learning should be within reach

of every family’s budget.

Financial Opportunities

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available every semester, interest free with no sign-up fees!

The Semester Payment Plan allows students to split their semester charges into equal payments due on the 15th of each month.

  • Number of payments:
    • Fall semester – four equal payments.
      • August, September, October, November
    • Spring semester – four equal payments
      • January, February, March, April
    • Summer session – three equal payments
      • May, June, July

The Annual Payment Plan allows students and parents to budget their expenses for an entire academic year into equal monthly payments due on the 15th of each month. Please ask a Business Office Staff member to assist you in signing up for this plan.

    • Fall/Spring/Summer
      • August – July
    • Summer/Fall/Spring
      • May – April
    • Fall/Spring
      • August – April

Tuition Deferral

The Tuition Deferral Program defers payment for students awaiting tuition assistance from their employer for classes taken during that semester.

All of the following must be submitted by the payment due date in order to utilize this payment option; a $100 first payment, a valid credit card number on the Tuition Deferral Agreement Form, and a completed Tuition Deferral Agreement Form. For your convenience, the Business Office will automatically charge your credit card on the deferred payment due dates unless payment is received prior to the due date.

Tuition Assistance Vouchers

Tuition assistance vouchers authorize Goldey-Beacom College to bill the student sponsors directly. Tuition Assistance Vouchers must be submitted by the payment due date.

Pay In Full

Students may pay each semester in one lump payment. This payment is due by the semester payment due date.

Federal Student Aid

Federal applications for Financial Aid (scholarships, loans, etc.) should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office prior to July 15th, for the Fall Semester and December 1st, for the Spring Semester for priority funding. Students who have not received final financial aid awards by the payment due date will be expected to pay in full or utilize the Semester Payment Plan.

Private Loans

Students may wish to seek private loans to assist in paying for their college expenses. Students will need to inform the Financial Aid Office of their intent to utilize private loans.

Payment Due Dates

Fall – August 15th

Spring – January 15th

Summer – May 15th

Business Office


Fulmer Center, 1st Floor


Monday – Thursday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm


Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 302-225-6268


Meet the Team!


Brittanie Krauss

Director of Business Affairs

[email protected]|302-225-6249

Kathy headshot (2)

Kathy Gallagher

Business Affairs Representative

[email protected]|302-225-6229

Zoe headshot (2)

Zoe Lockwood

Accounting Generalist

[email protected]|302-225-6244

Ash (2)

Ashish Shakya

Student Accounts Representative

[email protected]|302-225-6238

T headshot (2)

Teyonia Stanley

Senior Accountant

[email protected]|302-225-6250


What payment methods does GBC accept?

  • Check
  • Cash
  • Money order
  • Cashier’s check
  • Traveler’s check
  • Wire
  • Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover/NOVUS, or American Express).

Payments are accepted in person, through the mail, and via Campus Web. You can
also wire payment to our bank account, or place non-cash payments in the drop box any time the Fulmer Center is open.

Goldey-Beacom College has partnered with PayMyTuition for international tuition payments. With PayMyTuition, you can pay your tuition payments from any bank, in any country in any currency at better than bank exchange rates. PayMyTuition is fast, simple and cost effective.

Additional Information on PayMyTuition:


How to make a payment – step-by-step PDFs:


PayMyTuition customer support information Call 1.855.663.6839 (toll-free) or through one of their local country contact numbers. You can also reach PayMyTuition Support at [email protected] or through their support page. No matter what time zone you’re in, you will have a dedicated customer support team available to you through live chat, email and phone to answer any of your questions and help you make your payment.

What address should I mail my payments to?

Business Office
Goldey-Beacom College
4701 Limestone Road
Wilmington, DE 19808

What happens to my student account if I owe outstanding debt to the College?

  • When a student has an outstanding, delinquent balance at the College, and consequently, owes outstanding debt to the College, a “BO” hold is placed on the student’s account. The outstanding balance can result from unpaid charges for tuition, residence halls, damage, library fines, etc.  When a student’s account is placed on hold, the student is not permitted to register for or attend future courses, to revise class schedules, or to receive official documents, such as grades, transcripts, and/or diplomas. Students with outstanding balances are encouraged to contact the Business Office to set up individualized payment arrangements. Student referral to collection agencies and credit bureaus is at the discretion of the College. Collection costs and/or legal fees, up to and including 50% of the delinquent balance, may be charged to the student’s account by Goldey-Beacom College in the collection of a delinquent balance. Once the outstanding debt is cleared, the student’s account is taken off hold allowing the student to receive official documentation from the College.


  • Students are eligible for payment plans if no outstanding debt is owed to the College and previous payments were made according to the established payment agreement.  When a student utilizes a payment plan to assist in making payment to the College, a “soft” hold is placed on the student’s account.  A soft hold allows the student to register for future courses and to revise class schedules, but prevents the student who are not up-to-date on payments from receiving official documents, such as transcripts, or diplomas.  The College utilizes various types of student account holds to clarify the student’s status.  A student’s hold status can be viewed on Campus Web.


  • The College will not impose any penalty on any covered individual because of that individual’s inability to meet their financial obligations to the institution due to the delayed disbursement funding from US Department of Veterans Administration under Chapters 31 or 33.  Those penalties include assessing late fees; preventing the enrollment in a subsequent or current academic term; denying access to academic resources (i.e. library, Wi-Fi) or other institutional academic facilities; or requiring that a covered individual must secure alternative or additional funding. To avoid any such penalties, a new student must provide the VA’s Certificate of Eligibility to an Advisor prior to the start of the academic term with a written request to be certified for Veterans Benefits. Every semester, prior to the first payment due date, all students with an outstanding balance must complete and submit the GBC Academic Term Payment Plan to secure their course schedule and avoid Business Office holds.


What is the SAM License & Certification Program?

  • Goldey-Beacom College provides the SAM License and Certification Program*.  SAM is an interactive online learning environment that helps students master Microsoft Office software concepts essential to academic and career success.  This Program provides students with access to SAM and one Microsoft Office certification exam voucher for each actively enrolled ITG/IT course for each student.  This Program is also financially beneficial to students because it enables them to utilize SAM at a reduced rate.


  • This Program provides an effective learning experience for students as it eliminates the need for them to purchase SAM access at a higher cost and prevents them from purchasing incorrect versions or expired licenses.  It ensures that students have the required access they need beginning with the first day of class.  Learn more about SAM by contacting the instructor of the course which uses SAM (ITG 148, ITG 149, ITG 325, and IT 253).


  • Participation in the SAM program is mandatory for students enrolled in any of the following courses: ITG 148, ITG 149, ITG 325, IT 253, and IT 349
  • Each enrolled student will be provided one voucher to take the Microsoft certification test for the course at no charge.  Should the student need to retake the test, a charge of $45 may apply.
  • Once a student activates the SAM license, the activation cannot be reversed and the charge of $75 will apply.
  • The SAM license is not transferable and may not be sold/resold to other students.
  • Should the College transition to more current versions of Microsoft Office and SAM in its ITG/IT courses, a new Program fee will apply.

If I have a credit on my student account, to whom will the refund be made payable?

  • All refunds will be made payable to the student, with the following exceptions:
    Refunds resulting from outside scholarships

    •     Refunds resulting from payments made by an employer or third party organization
    •     Refunds resulting from payments for unearned Chapter 33 tuition assistance will be made payable to the Veterans  Administration.
    •     Refunds resulting from payments for unearned Department of Defense (DOD) tuition assistance will be made payable to the DOD.
    •     Refunds resulting from PLUS loans
    •     Upon written request by the student, refunds will be made payable to another party
    •     All credit card payments will be refunded to the card used to make the payment/purchase
Goldey Beacom Logo
4701 Limestone Road
Wilmington, DE 19808
(302) 998-8814

Goldey-Beacom College is a Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Text Telephone/Teletypewriter (TTY) Relay Service: 711 or 800-232-5460 for English or 877-335-7595 for Spanish